Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspector Gadget blog post

 Here is a copy of the blog post I just finished for my Etsy team, Quilts,Quilts,Quilts. I liked it so much and it took so much time to write, that I thought I would post it here, too.

I am writing a post today on my favorite quilt gadgets. I have to start with a pic of my favorite gadget of all time:
 Inspector Gadget has nothing to do with quilting but he always comes to mind when I think of gadgets, so I had to add him :)

I have a lot of quilt gadgets. In fact, I have a drawer full  of stuff that I've never or hardly ever used. I'm only going to share my favorite tools I use for almost every quilt I make.

My favorite kind of quilt to make is a rag quilt. I love the texture of the clipped edges and the way it surprises with the layers of colors in the seams. I love how fast they are to complete. They are only fast to clip, though, if you have the right gadget. I love these ergo-metric scissors. The small ones are perfect for rag clipping. I bought mine at Joanne fabrics.

 Another gadget I love is actually an accessory for your sewing machine. It  is a free-motion quilting or darning foot. You probably have one that came with your machine. What I love is to put this foot on, lower the feed dogs and then the skys the limit for what you can sew! You can make swirly loops, practice your cursive, attach appliques, draw with thread, and on and on.

 My last favorite gadget is actually more of a crutch. I seem to have no ability whatsoever to make a perfect square on my own. If I try to make a square with a ruler and measuring, forget it. It always turns out being some weird crooked diamond. So I have a collection of squares that are so easy to use and guarantee a perfect square every time. I have these fancy plastic grid squares and then the homemade cardboard ones. One day I'll probably have a square in every possible size for a quilt block.

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  1. G'day Jamie. It's funny you should mention the squares as only yesterday I was at the local haberdashery shop, they sell a huge range of patchwork and quilting stuff and I was looking at the squares they have and thinking to myself that I needed a few. Needless to say I didn't buy any, but I will at some stage. I have a pair of scissors similar to your's and I have the darning foot which I would be lost without. Take care. Liz...