Wednesday, January 16, 2013

granny's tie quilt

My grandmother was a farmer's daughter. She grew up sewing clothes and quilts because that's how you got clothes to wear and blankets to stay warm. It was a way of life she took for granted.

 A couple of generations later and I see her work as art. In the era of mass produced factory imports, it's time to appreciate the beauty in a hand crafted quilt made for one person by one person. In the spirit of my granny's quilting style, I made a traditional folk tie quilt. It's for sale in my shop for that special one person.

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  1. G'day Jamie. Well I have just returned from Paris, yesterday in fact and before retiring to bed, I thought I would check some blogs. Your quilt looks just gorgeous Jamie. I love the colours you have used. Both my grandmother and mother were sewers. My grandmother could make the most lovely clothes, without using a pattern. She was especially good at smocking. My mother taught me to sew on my grandmothers treadle machine (which I still have). My mothers love was knitting and crochet. She was an expert at both. Take care. Liz...