Thursday, July 19, 2012

detour from wedding quilt to sailboat quilt

Had to put aside the wedding quilt because I didn't have the backing fabric. So I decided to work on some of the ocean quilts that I've been dreaming of. I so miss the beach. It's been a couple of years since I've been there and it makes me sad that another summer is here with no beach in the plans.

 To make up for missing the real thing, I am going to make lots of ocean quilts. First up is a set of sailboat quilts. I imagine 4 quilts in the group, each one a bit different but the same size and the same basic design. The first one finished is "sailboat at night" :

Here is an attempt to show the process to get to the finished quilt:

You can just barely see the original drawing of the sailboat for the pattern. I try to use simple drawings to translate them into appliques. I put out all the fabric at the same time to see which ones look best together.


  1. G'day Jamie. You are such a clever lady. I love the sailboat,makes me wish I too lived closer to the ocean. Take care. Liz...