Monday, July 16, 2012

trying to fulfill the process pledge

I was investing time surfing the net today.(Investing sounds better than messing around avoiding chores and necessary projects, which is what I was really doing and you knew it, right :)). Anyway, I stumbled across this blog where quilters commit to revealing the thought process behind the quilts they make. I decided to try to do a better job sharing the convoluted, lightning fast decision making that goes into my quilt design. haha

I hope neither of my 2 readers get really bored but here goes:

My next project is a wedding quilt for my niece, Kelsey. She wants black, white and grey colors. The rest is up to me. I already made one quilt for her but decided it wasn't right so now I'm agonizing unnecessarily over this one. It should be queen size which is a bit larger than I like to make. I want to make a wedding ring using the bottom fabric for the rings. 

 The problem is that I want to make the rings in a complete circle but that would use too much fabric, sooo I'm thinking of ways to make half circles that will conserve the fabric and still be pretty quick to sew.
Was that process enough for now? That's as far as I've got. Now I have to stew on it some more.


  1. Hey, I found you through the Process Pledge page. Thanks for sharing. I love reading about quilters thought processes.

  2. G'day Jamie. I look forward to reading how you go with this one. It sounds interesting. I have never tried the wedding rings. I am very much into applique, usually done by machine, as I find it so much faster, though I also love quilts with embroidery in them, which is what I am working on at the moment. I do like the colours you will be using and I hope we get to see the finished result. Good luck with it. Thanks for your reply to my last post. I joined Weight Watchers some time ago, hence the weight loss. The daffodils really are beautiful flowers aren't they? Take care. Happy sewing. Liz...