Thursday, July 5, 2012

in a chevron mood

I'm in a chevron stripe mood. I've been making lots of time consuming, large, kinda difficult quilts lately and I needed a change of pace. Plus, I was getting low on inventory for lap quilts, so I wanted to make a few new ones. Adding to that, I've been noticing chevron stripes everywhere lately and I've been trying to figure out how to make one in a rag style. Most of the patterns involve cutting lots of tiny triangles and sewing them together to get one big chevron stripe.

Who has patience for that? Not this quilter. Why would you cut up pieces to sew them back into a pattern when you could just cut the fabric in one large strip and sew it on the top?  But then, I'm an applique lover who avoids piecing whenever possible, sooo. Here are my newest lap quilts, chevron style.

The bottom one is a favorite because it has my favorite designer, Alexander Henry, and my favorite Alexander Henry line, The Ghastlies. Here's a detail from the quilt:

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  1. G'day Jamie. They are beautiful. I love them both, but must admit I am leaning towards the bottom one. I love the colour and the fabric, it's stunning. Take care. Liz...